About the QPS Music Department

The Music Department is one of the largest departments in the school. The Music Department consists of Director of Music Education Kathleen Dooley, Band Directors – Matt Gabriel, Debbie Johnson, and Gayle Tenhouse; Choir Directors – Dan Sherman, Paul Shelor and Orchestra Directors – Chris Gass and Chad Ensinger. The Quincy Public Schools are fortunate to have very gifted general music teachers who work with the majority of students in the schools.

The QHS Theatre Department presents 2 plays each year in the winter and spring. The Theatre Department combines with the Music Department to present a Fall Musical, Winter Play, Spring Play, and a Spring Variety Show entitled “New Faces” which has been presented since 1955 and originally conceived by Dan Perrino. Quincy Senior High offers drama classes to all QHS students and are taught by Meghan Buckley.